2019 Goals

I wrote these on New Years Eve, haha maybe a testament to getting lost in the hustle.

Goals are Good

To me goals are the keystone for success in area of your life. I have daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, quarterly goals, and yearly goals.

I create positive habits to achieve these goals.

I don’t think too much about multi-year goals because my life changes so drastically based on my ideas…also I prefer to live more in the present and know that as long as I’m doing things I like and setting goals, my future will continue being a fun adventure.


  1. Get outta the grind
  2. Publish 52 blog posts
  3. Build and launch 4 apps
  4. Launch 12 new products
  5. Master the muscle up
  6. Create 1 new song

Goal 1 is the key goal for the year.

Goals 2,3,4 will help achieve the key goal.

Goals 5 and 6 are non-business, a reminder to myself to get back into a better work/life balance this year.


I want to take myself out of day to day operations on both my businesses, with a solid income, so I can choose what I want to do on any given day.

Usually that means coding or writing… but sometimes it means goofing off all day, or taking a few days off for a nature adventure.


I’m going to sharpen my writing skills by publishing on a weekly basis. I don’t write much here, but have committed to launching a weekly blog post on the Speed Boostr blog, which has the added benefit of already being monetized.

It’s more fun to write when you’re getting paid for it 😃


I have about 6 strong ideas right now for B2B apps and am trying to build/launch 1 per quarter. The first one is actually launching next week, it will land here: analyze.speedboostr.com

Since starting Tree Tribe in 2015, coding / app development took a back seat… but last year I really started missing it, so now I’m back in the game!

The thing I like about B2B apps is that if you provide a clear solution that generates a positive ROI, getting customers/users is easy. The goal with my first app is to automate a chunk of my business. The goal of the apps following are to generate monthly recurring income on autopilot.


I’m the founder of Tree Tribe, but as we’ve evolved I’ve decided to channel my energy more into products and content, and have stepped away from daily operations (lucky for me I have an awesome partner Chris that is well suited to take this over).

In a product business, you need products! We have great products right now, but just not that many.

My goal with this goal is to exponentially scale our business.


I got big into calisthenics last year, and treat it as my main sport right now.

It’s fun to try mastering new moves because you also build strength and discipline along the way.

Muscle ups are hard!

Right now I can do a jumping muscle up on a 2 meter bar, but that obviously doesn’t count… just where I’m at in my progression.

Business has me hustling in the trenches so I can’t go to the gym every day… but I shoot for at least 4 times per week.


The past 4 years have been an insane entrepreneurial grind!

Business pretty much took over my life – took priority over relationships, hobbies, learning new skills that weren’t related to business.

This year is different! I’m working hard AF on automation for my businesses, with the goal of freeing more time for personal hobbies.

Creating music is the new main hobby.

*Funny observation 6 weeks into the new year: I have Ableton Live and a midi keyboard – the tools for the trade… but haven’t barely fired it up yet because I’ve been working so much haha! Currently failing at this goal.

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