Bio Arc's bamboo bio dome

I’m feeling inspired. I’m feeling connected with the Earth. I’m feeling connected with my future path.

This weekend, I traveled to the outskirts of Ubud to meet with my friend and fellow social entrepreneur Joe, and his partner Juan, the creator/designer of Bio Arc.

Juan is a zen genius of the Earth. He creates geometric bamboo domes, designed in a way to generate and harness natural positive energy – attracting and focusing life-force. These domes have measurable energy fields (he’s working with a physicist), and are designed to be beacons of positive energy, enhancing health and happiness.

Bamboo villa common areaChillout area, cool design, good vibes

New Earth

Bio Arc is part of a larger vision called New Earth. It’s a new way of thinking, a new way of living in communities.

The idea is to live in self sustaining communities, getting closer to the Earth and our tribal roots, but from a different perspective now that human evolution has taken us through the many stages of civilization.

Joe theorizes that we as a species are coming full circle – evolving from living in the wilderness to tribes, then towns, then cities and modern metropolises, advancing in technology to the point that now we’ve maxed out and are starting to devolve by destroying our own planet that has provided fruitfully for us since the beginning of our existence. At the same time, modern humans are largely disconnected from the Earth and the universe, values that are no longer key to survival, but I believe key to ultimate happiness and connection.

The Big Picture

Trading ideas with Juan and Joe, and contemplating the future of our existence and how to live in pure happiness, has really got me thinking about the big picture and where to take this journey. I started Tree Tribe as a way to give back to the Earth while celebrating nature and eco friendly materials, but this is just one piece of the grand vision.

My goal is to get involved in many aspects of eco creation, community, and spreading positive energy. I love the Bio Arc concept and want to connect with more people like this that envision a positive future where we live in harmony with Earth.

Bamboo dome - outside viewAn outside view, tucked in nature

If you want to hear more about the Bio Arc project, or are interested in creating or living in your own bamboo bio dome, contact me. I love this project and happy to introduce.

Current location: on a balcony in Canggu, Bali, Indonesia – facing the ocean with lush green trees, rice fields, and the calming sounds of morning in the background.

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