I heard this phrase in a podcast recently and I want to acknowledge its simple brilliance.

You ever feel like you’re super disciplined and consistent – like not even leaving the house for days, just straight grindin’ – but then sometimes you find yourself slipping out of the routine and wonder what the hell happened?

Btw I’m not talking about not writing a blog post here for 3 months hah!

I got out of routine lately and thought about why.

I’m in a work heavy phase right now, so I usually wake up around 7 and work until 1 or 2, then hit the gym or bike ride for a mid day break, then eat and get back to the grind, then try and shut the laptop before 10 so I can have some chill time and get a full night’s sleep.

Well this past week I started staying up later and sleeping in little more (or forcing to wake up early and tired), started taking extended mid day breaks, and instead of hitting the gym every day, I would sometimes chill and watch some comedy, go walk for some food, or listen to podcasts. Not bad ways to take a break from work, but I found they often broke my rhythm, plus the lack of sleep got me craving bullshit food instead of my regular healthy regime.

It was still a productive week, but I wasn’t producing at my max. I set high goals that require me producing at my max, so this bugged me a bit.

Just hearing this phrase shook me out of it though and reminded me to stay disciplined and allow the compound effect of daily consistency bring better results in energy, health, and smashin’ biz tasks.

Crazy how just hearing the right phrase can alter your trajectory instantly.


^^^ That’s a reminder to myself, a mantra.

Give it a try, say it to yourself every morning when you wake up. Good things happen when you apply discipline and consistency.

Joe Lannen
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