Hi How’s It Going?

Joe with his two backpacks

Hey! I’m Joe how’s it going? I started this blog to unload ideas from my head and connect with the universe… a place to store my projects and connect with like minds. I’ll probably write about location independence, social enterprise, the Earth, business ideas, and random life hacks.


– a person who wanders from place to place without a home or job.

I guess that’s me. I live out of 2 backpacks and don’t technically have a “job” – I own some online businesses and have been a freelance web developer since 2011. Also, Vagabonding by Rolf Potts is one of my favorite books, so I dig the word šŸ™‚

I left the US January 5th 2015 with a backpack and a dream: to be self employed and travel the world… and launch some cool projects along the way! So far so fun, although I’m starting to miss having a true home with a bookshelf, guitar, mountain bike, garden, plants, tools, camping equipment, etc… but I’m not complaining, I’m really digging the experiences and people I meet on this adventure.

I’ve been a few places in these past couple years – Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Colombia, Paraguay, Argentina, Costa Rica, and Panama. Chiang Mai, Thailand was my first home base for about a year, now it’s Medellin, Colombia. Love these 2 cities! I prefer “slow travel”, hanging around longer and experiencing local cultures.

I’m an advocate for social enterprise, and like to talk about it – I gave a talk at the 2016 Nomad Summit called Social Enterprise: Why Giving Back is Awesome. I love connecting with other change makers – I think the social enterprise movement can save the world and raise the tide of happiness for everyone on the planet. If you have a social biz or want to start one hit me up!

My main business is Tree Tribe, an outdoor lifestyle brand that plants 10 trees on every sale (about 75,000 trees in 11 countries so far). We use all eco friendly materials in our products, plant trees all over the world, and are trying to spread positive vibes about nature and community.

My passions are Nature, Health, and Fitness. I have some other projects going around those but I’ll get to those later.

My goal is to build businesses that make positive impacts on the Earth and improve the quality of life on our planet. If you’re down with that, subscribe to my community and join the adventure.

Have a cool day!

Current location: writing from AngkorHub in Siem Reap, Cambodia, listening to di.fm Progressive station.

Joe Lannen
About Me

I'm a wandering entrepreneur, roaming the globe and working on projects to make a positive impact on the world. I live out of 2 backpacks, love the outdoors, and always down to connect with minds of the Earth :D