Joe’s Dream World

Joe's Dream World

The whole inspiration for starting this blog was to write more. I have some crazy fictional stories locked inside my head that I want to read! So I have to write them.

It started with a dream I had that took place a few decades in the future. You could call it a dystopian future story that metaphorically reflects the current state of our society. Namely, mind control and detachment from true living.

This was a couple years ago, a dream so profound it woke me before sunrise and I splurged a couple pages out immediately, and developed a bit of the characters background.

Well I had another one recently. This one a bit different – my character was auditioning for a movie, didn’t know the movie or have any background, but was able to charm his way into landing the gig, which was to play the President of the US – the youngest president ever. This is set 4 years into the future, after the Trump administration terminates (yes, he made it a full 4 years).

The interesting thing about this dream though, is that it had 3 levels of meta in it. The protagonist auditioned and got the gig, then there was a fictional show created off of the auditioning character’s life (not the movie character) – think House of Cards but with a young inexperienced president – and then this whole series actually gets made into a real life movie.

After that dream, I decided to buy

This will be a dream journal of sorts, that captures dreams and fictionalizes them into short stories. It’s gona be super fun awesome! Just wish I had more time to dedicate to it. For now it’s just a parked domain and an idea, but I hope to get that crackin soon.

What do you think about the idea? A dream journal that you embelish on (or not) to make crazy dreams into short stories.

Great fun, especially if you’re an aspiring fiction writer 😀

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