My new side project Speed Boostr has turned into a business to help online stores be more awesome.

What is it?

Speed Boostr makes Shopify websites load faster.

If you don’t know about Shopify this biz will probably not interest you… But you might like the biz model!

I’ve masterminded the system and put everything into organized SOP’s, so I can quickly hire a team and scale the business.

The biz model is essentially creating a B2B service with a guaranteed ROI – something that makes the customer more than they paid for the service.

If you’re into ecommerce maybe you know that improving your site speed improves most of your other metrics. That’s what Speed Boostr does. Check it out at

Why Did I Start Speed Boostr?

My plate’s already pretty full, but I just can’t help myself maaaaaan I LOVE starting new projects! I’ve been a professional web developer since 2011, and have picked up a lot of tricks and tactics along the way.

I discovered Shopify a few years ago and almost instantly it became my favorite platform to work on. I also thought eCommerce was cool because of the ability to operate a business anywhere in the world, and connect with customers anywhere in the world.

I like stats…

Did you know that decreasing page load speed by 1 second can increase conversions by 7%?

Stats like are what made this business come to life.

I know how to make Shopify sites run fast, even faster than a fresh theme.

I saw an opportunity to use my skills and create a system/service that helps other eCommerce entrepreneurs.

B2B Productized Service

That’s what I would call the business category. I’ve never really started a B2B business before, or a productized service, but did I mention I’m addicted to starting new projects?!

Ya, so this another challenge to embark on in my entrepreneurial career.

Now that I have this platform set up, I’ve got a bunch of other ideas for B2B productized services… like, a lot! I’ll save the ideas for now, I’ll actually probably just give them away or launch with a collaborator I don’t know, we’ll see.

Scratching The Creative Itch

I feel like I have 2 sides – half hippie outdoorsman and half tech cyborg. Speed Boostr is scratching that tech itch, which is a great complement to my main biz – the outdoor lifestyle eco brand Tree Tribe.

I also want to integrate a social cause into this business, I just don’t know what yet. Hit me up if you have an idea!

Starting new projects is fun!

Joe Lannen
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I'm a wandering entrepreneur, roaming the globe and working on projects to make a positive impact on the world. I live out of 2 backpacks, love the outdoors, and always down to connect with minds of the Earth :D