Morning coffee at the beach

Taco Tuesday

Living 1 block from the beach

Swimming and surfing whenever I feel like it

Ganja in my garden

Best herb on Earth!

Barbecues with friends

My Cali friends

Beach cruisers

Ocean Beach vibes


Solo backpacking trips in the forests

Adventures up the entire west coast

Being in my 20’s haha! I’m cool with where I’m at but the 20’s are pretty niiiiiiiiice 😎

Beach bonfires with friends

Having 7 different musical instruments in my house, jam sessions with friends

Having a home

Having a bookshelf with a load of books that I walk past every day

My 100+ plants

Having a backyard

Sunsets over the pacific ocean

Hippie Steve’s yard

Running on the beach

Riding bicycle all over the place

Damn do I need to go spend a summer in San Diego?

Or am I just feeling lonely because I don’t speak the language here?

Hmmm, tough to say haha but a trip to San Diego always a good idea! [goes to check flights]

Current location: Apolda, Germany

Joe Lannen
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I'm a wandering entrepreneur, roaming the globe and working on projects to make a positive impact on the world. I live out of 2 backpacks, love the outdoors, and always down to connect with minds of the Earth :D