Plastic Free July - Save the Oceans

Plastic sucks! Well, it’s quite useful but we’ve gotten too dependent on it, and pretty wasteful with single use plastic. Plastic straws, cups, bags, cutlery… all these get used once, then thrown away, which ends up in the ocean or somewhere on Earth to pollute for 100’s or 1000’s of years. Boooooooooo.

The Challenge

Plastic Free July is a monthly challenge to save the world! Well, at least to acknowledge the problem and make a conscious effort to avoid these single use plastics. A month is a good span to form a new habit, and the goal is to collectively use less trash.

All you do, is choose not to use single use plastics for the month. It brings self awareness on what you’re consuming, also makes you think more about the big picture and how far away from natural living we’ve become.

Try it out, it’s fun! You can do it any month, just go the full month, it will change the way you look at life 🙂

My company, Tree Tribe, is all about reducing plastic use and spreading positive vibes on a healthier planet, so I made a video July 1st to kick off my commitment to it. Check it out:

Truly a Challenge!

I use my stainless steel reusable bottle every day, and I usually carry a backpack or have a bag on me when I go to the market/grocery store… but I still found this super hard to go the whole month without using it!

I made conscious decisions like not getting togo coffees unless I use my own container… also I don’t use plastic bags, but plastic use has become so ingrained in our society that it becomes unavoidable – I would order a drink and BLAM! it’s got a straw in it. I don’t even like straws anyway so I didn’t think about it ahead of time. And sometimes at a bar or restaurant you order an ice water no straw, and then they give it to you in a plastic cup, nooooooo!

New habit: So this got me into the habit of ordering a “glass of water with no straw”. Which is interesting because sometimes it sparks a conversation, and even a new friendship because you never know where random conversations lead. And then some people just look at you weird, it’s all good… it feels good to save a piece of plastic once you see the bigger picture.

How to Join the Movement

I first discovered Plastic Free July from I also follow their Facebook page because I support their goal to help reduce single use plastics.

But really this is just a 30 day commitment to yourself. It feels good saving trash when you realize that animals eat this stuff and die, and that there are giant plastic islands floating around our oceans, and that plastics leach chemicals into the Earth and our water suppliers, so it’s best just to avoid them.

Side Bonus

Another bonus of doing a challenge like this is that it strengthens your discipline. You are foregoing convenience, and taking the healthier option. Here, it is also the more compassionate option, since our plastic use destroys animals and marine life.

I wasn’t perfect last month, but I’ve strengthened my discipline, and also turned on more people to plastic freeness – often by just ordering things with no straw, or bringing my water bottle to the cafe.

Healthy habits = healthy existence. Give it a try.

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