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Updated: October 20th, 2017

I like to start the day clear and creative – No cell phone, no emails, no “work”. Wake up early and spend some quality time with yourself and your creative brain.

I’ve found that if I start the day awesomely, I’m happier and have more energy, and the day continues it’s awesomeness through nightfall. If I start the day by sleeping in, browsing social media, checking emails, “swallowing the frog”, etc… I’m not too stoked on it and it carries over to the rest of the day.

Current Morning Routine

  1. Wake up at 6:30am. Even if I went to bed late, get up every day at 6:30 – get up with the Earth. Sometimes I’ll nap later
  2. Drink some cold water. Brush teeth. Take a cold shower – this makes me jump haha way to get the charge!
  3. Stretch, breath deeply, and enjoy the calm of the morning
  4. Make some tea or yerba mate and write for a few minutes
  5. Work on my key creative task for the day (written on paper the night before)
  6. Snack on some raw vegetables and/or fruit, and a handful of nuts
  7. Around 9am I’ll turn on my phone and start the workday. I try to stack creative tasks in the morning, and save any admin or collaborative work for later
  8. I’ll smash out work until about 1 or 2 and then hit the gym or go for a run. Having that mid day exercise break, and already accomplishing a solid work day is a great feeling man!

I love my mornings, the peace time for creativity is epic! It’s now my favorite time of the day (and I’m a chronic night owl).

The key to this is not turning your phone on your checking email until after you’ve had your morning creative time. I do this by setting my phone to airplane mode the night before, and not opening email tabs or chat apps.

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